Cautious Anonymous – Public critique of Individualists Tending toward the Wild

from feartosleep, transl by wos:
“… the existing movement [against the techno-industrial system] is of low effectiveness because too many of the people in the movement are there for the wrong reasons. [...] For [some], revolution is only a kind of game that they play as an outlet for rebellious impulses. For still others, participation in the movement is an ego-trip. They compete for status, or they write “analyses”and “critiques” that serve more to feed their own vanity than to advance the revolutionary cause.” [2]
Cautious Anonymous (Anónimos con Cautela) (AC) have read the four communiques fromIndividualidades Tendiendo a lo Salvaje (ITS), published on the web page “liberación total,” dated April 27, May 22, August 9 and September 21, all four from 2011. Now it is time for someone to publicly respond to their arguments. Continue reading 

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