Maroussi, Athens: Antifascists go on the offensive

it’s better to beat up fascists than to come after fascists
Today (May 10th, 2014), 25 to 30 Golden Dawn’s people were distributing electioneering material in the centre of Maroussi (northern suburb of Athens). They passed from central streets of the district, until they reached the open-air market where they were met with an unpleasant surprise. A group of 12 antifascists moved against them, and the fascists started to run like rabbits, scared by the sound of antifascist slogans alone, leaving behind three of their fellow militants who were treated accordingly by the antifascist group. After this the comrades left the place in a coordinated manner.
PS.1: On their various webpages, fascists mention 50 people with helmets and metal bars, but the antifascists were in fact 12, bare-handed, and hurled only a few stones. Fascists, we wish you a continued recovery and a good digestion.
PS.2: Our thoughts and acts go out to the Pasamontaña self-managed space, which was attacked by fascists this morning. Lots of strength, comrades.
PS.3: Fascists, we’re not coming after you. We know who you are, and we’re coming to get you.
PS.4 Fascism is crushed both in the consciences and the streets.

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