New letter from one of the ex-prisoners in Krosno Odrzanskie camp – poland

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*New letter from one of the ex-prisoners in Krosno Odrzanskie camp:*

WAKE UP Poland Hitler is back on TRACK in Krosno!!!
I would like to report a story about TERROR IS GOING ON IN KROSNO DETENTION CENTER.
First of all I was there too.. People inside there are in terrible situation. Terror is going on there believe me. People is waiting from 1-11 month ONLY for decision. Food is lowest qualities’ that exist. Even they in Africa have more qualitative food. There is no drinking water. People are infected with Scabies. No professional doctor is there, for every disease they give APPA MEDICINE ALL IN ONE. People suffering from water because that water is not filtered and after shower you get very aggressive skin.
Can you please make it possible to go there and intervju all people there.They will explain everything. They really need your help PLEASE?
2 people did try to make suicide??? From 23.05.2014 they are in hunger strike until now.
Please do not say like all journalist says that we did try to contact NACALLNIK but it was not possible. At least go there and take one picture from outside.
No lawyer can help you inside there.
Social Workers, administrative workers and naqallnik does not know when people can go home because wojwoda is sleeping and he is GOD. Sports activities is terrible. I have seen people talking to walls. This is Genocide like HITLER DID TO POLAND.
People applying for asylum but still they sitting there for months Why??? Many of them got married and they still sitting there for 8 months for no reason… Also people who their whiffs got born he was sitting there and he did apply to go to se his son but request was denied. We had to sleep in one room with people who’s has HEPATIT C.
Here is some question for NACALLNIK:
First of all I want to explain for people who sitting there difference between real jail and Detention Center if there is any diference? Why Even 90 of people there are Muslim they still have to eat pig food??? Why do they need to apply for everything? Is there detention center or Jail? Why there is no doctor who works 24 hours but only 3 times in week for 4 hours in day? Why it take very long time for processing paper-documentation? Why have to be camera in guest ( visit ) room when they have metal detector? Why there is no internet cabinet? 80% of all workers there can not communicate in English ??? Why appa for every kind of disease ? Why are not allowed phone with camera and microphone? Why they take trash one time per 2 weeks? It have to be everyday right? Why they change sleeping things one time in 2 weeks? Where is hygiene? Why people inside there can not buy everything they want? Because nacallnik does not have contract with all firma? Why they have to use handcuffs when they transport f.e hospital ,physiolog etc… Is there normal for Guards to have inside laptops mobile phones with camera ipad’s and is this normal for them to sleep all night and doing nothing?
And also I ask all Poland now : DID THEY FORGET WHAT HITLER DID IN POLAND?

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