Newport Rising | Safiad Casnewydd â 26th May to the 1st June 2014

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From the 26th May to the 1st June 2014 Anarchist Action Network is holding a week of Anarchist events dubbed the Anarchist Travelling Circus in Newport, South Wales. The week will include, workshops, discussions and skillshares and more. We hope that these events will address some of the issues which most people are facing right now from problems with housing, to welfare cuts and the government austerity agenda, as well as increased poverty, environmental destruction, police repression, racism and the racist border system. ---- Safiad Casnewydd ---- Venue announced: 95-96 Commercial St, NP20 1LU. Map is here. If you get lost ring/txt 07440 192330. ---- View the programme for the week ---- If you would like to be involved in putting on an event email 

Why Anarchism?

Anarchism is the philosophy that says we donât need governments and bosses, we can make communities based on mutual aid and solidarity. Anarchism means rejecting all forms of domination, oppression, and exploitation, and living as free as we can, right here right now. Anarchism is a living tradition of struggle and creation. 

Anarchism is the most beautiful idea we know. We think we need to get the positive message out about what anarchism really means. What can we learn from more than 200 years of anarchist history? What can anarchism mean in the 21st century? 

Why Newport?

On the 4/5 September another travelling circus is coming to Newport. This year NATO will have their next summit at Celtic Manor Resort, in Newport, south Wales. In early September 2014, âworld leadersâ â all directly responsible for untold death, illegal torture flights, and wars fought purely to protect Western business interests and resource supply routes â will gather on the edge of this historic Welsh city. Many people from Newport, Cardiff, Bristol and beyond, will oppose the summit and use a diversity of tactics against it. 

Newport has a history of radicalism. The Chartist rising, which celebrates itâs 175th anniversary this year, was the last large-scale armed insurrection in Wales, England and Scotland. A popular piece of public art celebrating the revolt was recently demolished ahead of schedule, as part of a planned redevelopment of the centre, financed by a Â90million loan which the Council have gifted to developers whilst slashing funds for frontline services. This naive gamble on reviving the fortunes of the town via the pumping of public funds into private companies, joins a long list that includes LG, The Ryder Cup, and now this NATO summit. 

Newport Rising will be a chance to get to know each other and discuss ideas before the NATO summit. 

What is the Anarchist Travelling Circus

Anarchist Action Network is planning to hold similar Travelling Circus events around the UK with the aim of raising public awareness of anarchism and building a movement with the strength to take renewed action. 

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Programme for the Newport Rising
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Newport Rising festival â GÅyl Safiad Casnewydd
MAY 26 â JUNE 1
A whole week of events in a venue in Newport

Venue announced: 95-96 Commercial St, NP20 1LU. Map is here. If you get lost ring/txt 07440 192330. 

Mon 26th
11am-5pm: Kidsâ Chartist mural re-creation
12pm: Community Singing Workshop
1-4pm: Self Defence for Women taster session â Women only
4pm: Know your Rights with the Police Training
7.30pm: Community, Democracy and Chartism

Tue 27th
11am: Workshop on Animal Rights
12:30pm: No to new nuclear build (nuclear power = nuclear weapons)
2pm: Fracking in Wales
2-5pm: Stencil/graffiti workshop
4-6 pm: Basic first aid workshop
7:30pm: The Levels Motorway Campaign and Fracking in Newport
Plus: Anti-nuclear stall

Wed 28th
2-5pm: Banner-making workshop
Time TBC: The Tea Tent Claimants Solidarity Workshop
2pm: Workerâs Power in Under an Hour (Training by the IWW)
7pm: Stopping forced workfare labour and beating the bedroom tax (Boycott Workfare / Caerphilly against the Bedroom Tax). 
8.30pm: South Wales Anarchists meeting

Thu 29th
1pm: What can we do to combat fascism?
2pm: No Borders Morocco Presentation
2-5pm: Badge-making workshop
3-4:30pm: Why Men against Patriarchy? (all genders welcome)
7:30pm: Discussion: Why âNo Bordersâ? (TBC)
7:30pm: Screening of âThis is Englandâ followed by discussion. (TBC)
Plus: Anti-fascist stall

Fri 30th
12.30pm: Prison abolition talk
2pm: Indymedia Cymru â what might it look like and how can we make it happen?
4pm: Training for actions and countering police surveillance teams.
6pm: Anarchism for beginners
7:30pm: âHow can we destroy capitalism and make new worlds of anarchy and freedom?â â workshop by Kaput (
Evening: Acoustic gig with Cosmo, Emu Lou, Raz, plus âDancing Queerâ bellydancing performance.

Sat 31st
Day of protest and street theatre
7.30pm: Talk by people on the Dignity March from Bristol to Cardiff.

Sun 1st
12.30pm: Session on resisting the drone wars â with emphasis about resistance to Parc Aberporth in Wales and Barclays Bank, investor in drone technology. 
2pm: Countering military Recruitment in South Wales.
3pm-4pm: Whistleblowing, Transparency, Repression, Solidarity â interactive teach-in about Welsh-American WikiLeaks whistleblower Chelsea Manning. 
4pm: Resisting the NATO Summit in Newport â presentation by Stop NATO Cymru.
6.30pm: Organising meeting to build resistance against the NATO summit. All welcome!

Every day:

Free tea and cakes all week.
Free hot meal each evening.
Anarchism Exhibition
Zines and Books

All welcome!

To help out or donate food, materials or money, pop round for a chat or email 

(Y Gymraeg iâw ddiweddaruân fuan)

Wythnos gyfan o ddigwyddiadau mewn lleoliad yng Nghasnewydd

Llu 26ed
1100-5yh: Ail-greu Murlun y Siartwyr
1-4yh: Sesiwn Blas ar Hunanamddiffyniad i Fenywod (merched yn unig)
4yh: Hyfforddiant Gwybod dy Hawliau gydaâr Heddlu
7:30yh: Y Gymuned, Democratiaeth ac Siartiaeth (TBC)

Maw 27fed
1100: Hawliau Anifeiliaid
12:30yh: Na i adeiladu gorsafoedd niwclear newydd. Ynni Niwclear = Arfau Niwclear
2yh: Ffracio yn Nghymru
2-5yh: Gweithdy Stencil / graffiti
4-6yh: Gweithdy Cymorth Cyntaf sylfaenol
7:30yh: Ymgyrch Traffordd y Levels a Ffracio yng Nghasnewydd

Mer 28fed
2-5yh: Gweithdy gwneud banneri
Amser iâw gadarnhau: Unoliaeth y Babell De â Strategaethau ar gyfer ymdopi à diweithdra 21ain Ganrif 
2yh: Hyfforddiant Pwer Gweithiwr gan yr IWW
7yh: Stopio llafur gorfodol âWorkfareâ i Treth y Llofftydd

Iau 29fed
1yh: Sut i fynd iâr afael facism?
2yh: Cyflwyniad Dim Ffiniau Moroco
2-5yh: Gweithdy gwneud bathodynau
3-4.30yh: Pam Dynion yn erbyn Patriarchaeth? (croeso i bob rhywedd)
7:30yh: Pam âdim ffiniauâ? (TBC)
7:30yh: FFilm: âThis is Englandâ a thrafodaeth (TBC)

Gwe 30fed
12.30yh: Diddymu Carchardai
2yh: Indymedia Cymru
4yh: Hyfforddiant yn erbyn gwyliadwriaeth gan yr heddlu.
6yh: Anarchiaeth i ddechreuwyr
7:30yh: Sut gallwn ni ddinistrio cyfalafiaeth ac yn gwneud bydoedd newydd o anarchiaeth a rhyddid? 
Hwyrach bydd gig acwstig gyda Cosmo, Emu Lou a Raz yn ogystal à âDancing Queerâ perfformiad bolddawnsio. 

Sad 31fed
Diwrnod: Brotest a theatr stryd
7:30yh: Sgwrs gan bobl ar taith gerdded Urddas o Fryste i Gaerdydd.

Sul 1af
12:30yh: Sesiwn ar gwrthsefyll y rhyfeloedd drÃnau â gyda phwyslais ar ymwrthedd i Barc Aberporth yng Nghymru a Banc Barclays, buddsoddwr mewn technoleg drÃnau. 
2yh: Atal Recriwtio milwrol yn Ne Cymru.
3yh-4yh: Gweithdy am Chelsea Manning.
4yh: Gwrthsefyll Uwchgynhadledd NATO yng Nghasnewydd â cyflwyniad gan Stop NATO Cymru.
6:30yh: Cyfarfod trefnu i adeiladu ar y gwrthwynebiad yn erbyn UwchgynhadleddNATO. Croeso i bawb! 

Croeso i bawb! Te a chacennau rhad ac am ddim drwyâr wythnos. Pryd poeth rhad ac am ddim bob nos. Hefyd: arddangosfa anarchiaeth, rhagor o ddigwyddiadau + ffilmiau! Sesiynnau âdrop-inâ bob dydd o tua 11yb. Gwybodaeth ynghylch y lleoliad yn agostach at y dydd. I helpu allan neu os ydych eisiau rhoi unrhyw fwyd, adnoddau neu arain, dewch draw am sgwrs neu ebostiwch stopnatocymru at riseup fullstop net 

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