(en) US, Report from Anti-Police Demo in Phoenix, AZ

At around 6 PM, comrades began converging on 3rd street and Van Buren in Downtown phoenix for the International Police Conference that was to be held at the Sheraton Hotel. Across the street, anarchists had unfurled a red and black banner reading “Phoenix, Oakland, Cairo, Greece. The whole world says FUCK THE POLICE” and crossed over. For the first little while, people mingled, yelled at cops, and the typical activities that occur at a rally until the bullhorn arrives. Phoenix Anarchist Black Cross was there to give out their information for potential arrestee’s at the nights event, and for events throughout the week. As the sun began to go down, we began marching back, and forth around the entrance of the hotel, attempting to find an entrance into the building. 

We were quickly followed by Phoenix PD “Red Squad” detectives, and pigs on bikes, and hotel security. The pigs had erected barricades earlier in the day and it was obvious we weren’t going to get in, so we continued marching, chanting variations of “Fuck the Police” , and had a short rally in which solidarity with the IRA, Grand Jury Resisters in Seattle, and striking miners in South Africa was declared. This was done because top brass from the Northern Irish police, the South African police, and Seattle police were all in the building. Night fell, and we decided to march into a shopping plaza directly across from the Sheraton, where we caused a ruckus and were a spectacle to onlookers. As soon as we got back to the hotel, we decided to disrupt the dinner of our class enemies by hitting the alarm on the bullhorn, and starting a noise demo for the bourgeois who were having dinner in the fancy restaurant on the first floor. 

It was successful, as many people inside of the restaurant became uncomfortable, and completely turned their attention to us, rather than their dinners, or whatever shit they came there for. We chanted about class war, and generally heckled police, and patrons alike. We then marched around to the entrance, did the same thing, and then dispersed with a rally in which we expressed solidarity with our captured comrade, Josh Daniels. 

Overall, we feel good about the demonstration. It was noisy, and disruptive of at least some of the usual activities of the day, and we are happy to have faced down class enemies, if we didn’t get to see the police chiefs themselves. We were also glad for the opportunity to express international solidarity with comrades all over the globe, in a tangible fashion. We look forward to seeing more comrades on the street for Mayday at Civic Space Park, and we want to take this time to express solidarity with our comrade, Josh Daniels. When we yell at Phoenix pigs, we yell for you too. 

Long Live Anarchy

Fuck the Police

- An anarchist in the valley.
A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E

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