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Neither the holiday period or the days confederal summer (reserved for leaders of federations and UD and whose proceedings are secret) have forged a clear line in response to the austerity measures which succeed in waves irresistible. Yet in a difficult context, it is important that our confederation aligns innovative, ambitious and engaging proposals. Three debates our attention: ---- Ile de France different structures were the requirement for a mass rally back (not a small room reservation as last year) to mobilize activists and delegates to fishing in the boxes and have a CGT the offensive. It has not been possible, and that's unfortunate. ---- Around October 16 different structures that require not only a more vague day, a day-night, a day without a specific object, a day that opens the door to no success and contributes to the final demoralize the most militant fringe. For example, the Federation of Metal door the idea of a true national demonstration in Paris which would conclude with a monster rally. Associated with the idea of a rally outside the car show in the morning show held on the same week. Nothing revolutionary in itself, but a proposal that seeks to open the door to social mobilizations with more breadth. Again the national leadership blocks and maintaining the proposed regional demonstrations, as usual ... Other structures, fewer alas, worry that no serious unit will is displayed by the confederation for maximum success 16. 

Finally the SGC structures that were engaged in the great demonstration of 12 April continued to forge ahead to build the street a political sanction against the austéritaires policies, uniting union flags, associations and political respect and independence each. AAA Collective was born. The baby is fragile but promises to grow! Again the national leadership is conspicuously absent. 

All these discussions are wide open, workers and activists combative must be seized for the CGT makes the right choice. Those of unity and struggle. 

We publish below the first release of the Collective April 12 renamed AAA:

Collective AAA
National Collective alternative to austerity


We had our fill. Unemployment swells through the month becomes very complicated. Social benefits recede, utilities are asphyxiated, dismembered, closed, including local services while users are mobilizing to defend them. Heal, feed and decent housing, care for children or parents, becomes an obstacle course. Everywhere we find only contempt. Contempt for the unemployed that are proposed unskilled jobs, low wages, low-paid part-time, and they must accept unless written off. Contempt, when rents and expenses are increasing and there is nothing left to live. Contempt when in public housing, lack of social spending, the ceilings are cracking, the elevators are out of service regularly. Contempt when, on the verge of over-indebtedness, EDF or GDF-Suez require that bills are paid or otherwise, it's cutting off the electricity or gas. Contempt for those who are being left behind, "loose" when firms are laying off even if their shares soaring. Contempt everywhere when you are blacks, North Africans, or undocumented overexploited and without rights. Contempt, when after 40 years on the job, retirement is only one of misery. Contempt when competition at work breaks we sometimes kill, and to do more with less. Finally, contempt, in the mouths of politicians and employers, when it was suggested that this would be the fault of those who toast. 

All these galleys make up a huge anger among those who suffer or who see them crack around them. This anger is legitimate. We must turn this anger into a force to remedy the galleys, and requires a different model of society, equality and solidarity. 
Quickly, quickly! For exasperation also produces "every man for himself" and the war against the poor poorer than them, which feeds the National Front. 

Galleys do not come from nowhere. This is the result of the capitalist system, professional and employer policies for decades. Since 2012, the President of the Republic, in the tradition of its predecessor, the rich richer and the poor poorer. While his unpopularity now turning to illegitimacy, Holland continues its policy of social regression. In addition, he decided authoritatively a local government reform, which 
we must turn this anger into a force to remedy the galleys will attack more democracy and local public services. The two government Valls, in full agreement with the MEDEF, gives new pledges to the bosses: the dismantling of the Labour Code, multiplied in public and social spending cuts, accelerated tax exemptions for capital, demolishing the Allur law, attacks on family policy. 

always equally authoritarian, internationally, are traded in the greatest secrecy of free trade agreements that will have major impacts in terms of enhanced multinationals, additional unemployment, bad food authorities. And continued alignment with American foreign policy. 

Austerity is not for everyone. While we pay for them, they are pocketing billions, the CAC 40 and bankers gorge themselves. 40bn dividend paid to shareholders in 2013, 5% more than in 2012 

This policy is made or for the people or by the people that he did not vote this! The new lords govern us, circulate and are career highs of state banks or branches of the CAC 40, make their law ... and believe themselves above the law. 
This policy, we want more. We say, "Enough!" And we fight.
Much resist. But our mobilizations are too sparse. Our battles are converging.
If we all, citizens, employee-es, es-private job, Retirees, union activists and political associations, actresses and actors from the world of culture and sport, we we collect, we will enable an alternative, another social solidarity policy, environmentalist and feminist, democratic. 

We are with those who struggle and raise their heads. With employees who are fighting for their wages, their jobs, their rights. With the unemployed, intermittent and precarious. We are in the struggles for the rights to housing, education, health. We are in the struggles of women, migrants, to roll back all discrimination, exclusion, racism, repression. We are in the struggles against setbacks to democracy, to also work in companies and administrations. We are fighting against projects that ravage our planet and our environment. 

We want to build bridges between all these struggles.
We want to organize mobilizations and joint actions, locally and nationally, to fight austerity and get out. As soon as possible. 

Everywhere we invite to the launch of local community to establish a framework for actions and joint mobilization, support, assist, develop struggles. 
We also want to open a broad debate, nationally and locally. How to reduce unemployment, which rights, including for new employees, citizens, what housing policy, health, education, culture? We want to reverse this: show what can and will the majority. We want we create solutions together, discussing them in neighborhoods, cities, businesses, and inclusive: with all those and all those who come to voice their social demands against austerity. We intend to develop, debate all emergency measures. 

We urgently need to meet, urgent resist urgent to regain control of our lives, that we urgently to prevent the flies, urgently require other choice. It is the goal of our collective, which has the task of bringing together associations, organized labor and political movement, to bring an alternative to the austerity in political debate and in the street. 

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